d  i  g  i  t  a l
r   e  s  o  u  r  c  e  s

 "Education is the only business still debating the usefulness of technology. Schools remain unchanged for the most part, despite numerous reforms and increased investments in computers and networks."

Rod Paige U.S. Secretary of Education

Today's students have never known a time when they didn't have access to a rich source of technology tools.  All aspects of their lives involves some aspect of digital devices.  Facebook, You Tube, cell phones, tablets, portable audio devices, and digital cameras all part of their daily lives.  Why can't the classroom integrate those same learning tools that students are connected to in their everyday lives?  The most recent National Educational Technology Report includes statements made by students to include the fact they want and expect to learn with technology in the classroom. 

Tulsa Public Schools has provided teachers with a wealth of resources to accommodate our students...technology training, individual teacher websites to include wikis and blogs, web connections, and digital devices.  What better way to promote student engagement in the classroom?  As Marc Prensky appropriately states, engaged Digital Natives become active learners.

Crossing the Digital Divide:  Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?

 The Gap Between Digital Learners & Traditional Teachers

 Digital Learners Prefer:

 Many Educators Prefer:

receiving info quickly from multiple multimedia sources slow & controlled release of info from limited sources

parallel processing & multi-tasking   

singular processing & single or limited tasking

processing pictures, sounds, color, & video before text

to provide text before pictures, sounds, & video

random access to hyper-linked multimedia information

to provide info linearly, logically, & sequentially

to network simultaneously with many others

students to work independently before they network & interact

to learn "just in time"

to teach "just in case"

instant gratificaiton & immediate rewards

deferred gratification & delayed rewards

learning that's relevant, active, instantly useful & fun

feel compelled to teach to the curriculum guide & tests

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