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 Smart Document Camera 280

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 Document Camera

Required Equipment in Addition to a Document Camera

Projector (consult TPS Purchasing website for model options)

For pricing information and for the latest equipment models, reference the
TPS Purchasing Website

What is a "document camera"?
It looks similar to an overhead projector but does so much more.  It scans and projects still or moving objects.  The objects can be two- or three-dimensional.

How can using a document camera support teaching?
All students in the class can see what you are showing at the same time, rather than having to pass an object around the room.  Students can focus attention on what you are showing as you talk about it.  There is no distracting light.  The light is focused on the work surface so no one (instructor or student) is blinded by the light cast into the room.

Great Lessons


How can using a document camera help you?
You can place a regular regular sheet of paper or even a blank transparency on the working surface of the document camera instead of using a whiteboard to write notes or other information.  There is no need to make transparencies in advance.  If you already have transparencies, you can still use them with the document camera.

What can I project?
Anything--flat or 3D.  If the item you want to project won't fit on the projection surface, the document camera head tilts so that you can point the head toward the object you want to project. 


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