Web Cams Bring Lessons to Life

Whether the topic is another country, a distant city, natural disaster, or a sporting event, Web cams provide students with a bird's-eye view that enhances their understanding. As the number of Web cams increases, teachers are finding great new uses for this technology -- whether it's visiting cams online or establishing their own windows on the world! What can Web cams do for you?   Webcam
Find an Online Web Cam!
Visit one of the sites listed below to provide your students with a unique Web cam experience.

See live video of giant panda Hua Mei from the San Diego Zoo's Pacific Bell Giant Panda Research Station.

Still and video cameras broadcast the activities of naked moles, Amazon River fishes, Asian elephants, ferrets, and other creatures at the National Zoo in Washington, D.C.

Wish you had a bustling birdfeeder outside your window? This site's Bird FeederCam is nearly as enjoyable as the real thing!

This site from the Oregon Coast Aquarium offers four shark cams! The Cams are currently under construction, but the website still offers a abundance of information, and archived videos

The Monterey Bay Aquarium sponsors this cam that spies on its kelp forest. The site also offers a peek at its penguins!

Find a Web cam for nearly any location or purpose with this online guide. Be sure to carefully preview this material to make certain that it's appropriate for your class.

Chimp Cams are the newest online feature of the Chimpanzee Connection exhibit. They provide a window into the world of the zoo's seven-member chimp troop.


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