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Below you will find video tutorials as well as handouts to assist in maintaining school websites.   To locate your school site, type or visit If you have any questions about your site, you can use the help button located in the control panel or contact the IT Service Desk.

For help maintaining your Teacher Website, check out the SchoolDesk for Teachers Page
WM Video Tutorials

***School Desk has been updated and while the process is the same,  some of the locations of functions and the look and feel of the site has changed.   I will update the videos soon, but they should still help you get started.  The handouts are up to date.*** 


  • Getting Started - In this video you will learn how to log into your site and the basic layout of the window as well as the control panel.

  • Adding Pages - This video will demonstrate how to add a page to your school website.

  • Adding Modules - This video you will learn to add modules to a page

  • Adding Users - This video will show you had to add users to your site so they can log into the school site (you only need to do this, if another person will be assisting you to maintain a module or page on your website.

  • Adding Roles- Once you add a user, you will need to assign them a role to help manage a particular page or module.

  • Linking teacher sites - This video will show you how to locate your teachers website and link it back to your school site.

  • Calendar and Event Module - This video will show you how to add events to the calendar as well as the events module. It will also demonstrate how to add categories and locations to your calendar which allows different types of events to show up in different colors.

  • Site Navigation - This video shows you how to move pages, hide pages, delete pages, and change the settings of a page with your site.
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