International NETS

Adapting the Refreshed NETS•S for Global Use (iNETS)

Around the globe advances in technology are having an effect on the way we live. In places where simple access is still a burning issue, the focus is on identifying ways to develop and launch a reliable infrastructure so students may begin mastering basic technology skills.  In places where infrastructure is no longer a concern, the focus is on giving students a competitive edge in this new global society. The NETS•S may be adapted to help meet educational needs.  To get started:

  • Secure the support of essential stakeholders;
  • If you don't have existing technology (ICT) standards and technology is not incorporated into content standards, use the ISTE NETS•S as a foundation;
  • If you already have national technology standards or content standards that incorporate technology, compare them to the ISTE NETS•S to identify gaps;
  • Review your content standards to identify opportunities for integration with ISTE NETS•S or to determine if all the NETS•S have been addressed;
  • Use local experts from within your own community or country who support instructional technology use;
  • When it is time to localize the ISTE NETS•S, you will need adequate resources to obtain accurate translations of the standards and profiles, put them into the context of your culture, and address the needs of your teachers and students.
ICT Frameworks

Australia's Framework (Coming Soon!)

UNESCOs ICT Standards Fact Sheet  

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