Special Assignment Job Description
Site Technology Coordinators Current Job Responsibilities
Stipend Amount:;Various Based on School Building Level
During or After Normal Day:After Normal Day
Date Job Revised: March 24, 2009
Applicable For:Certified Instructional Staff (Teachers, Librarians and Paras)

Purpose: Provide instructional and technical support to teachers and students in their use of digital resources for academic achievement

  • Demonstrate adeptness at using technology skills and abilities
  • Demonstrate aptitude for working with others in a professional, timely manner.
  • Demonstrate organizational skills in managing equipment and software.
  • Demonstrate willingness to attend required and optional training related to technology integration
  • Demonstrate willingness to conduct necessary site training sessions for peers at the site level
  • Certified Instructional Staff (Teachers, Librarians and Paras

Responsible For:

  • Providing monthly training to teachers in instructional technology strategies that is aligned with the school improvement and technology integration plans
  • Attending mandatory District Site Technology Contact meetings (4) annually to maintain network administrative rights and continue to serve in assignment the following year.
  • Sustaining the delivery of communications from IT/Instructional Technology to building level stakeholders in a timely fashion
  • Setting up various digital devices (computers, printers, interactive boards, internet etc.) and conduct basic troubleshooting technique
  • Being skilled in the use of the district service desk system and complete work orders as needed
  • Assisting in the inventory of digital devices to ensure assets are documented

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